Windows XP Support has been counting down now with less than 365 days to go

Microsoft has once again officially announced they will end the support for Windows XP on April 08th 2014. Right now they are providing extend support with security fixes. If you’re a corporate user with hundreds of Windows XP computers now it’s not that too late for the planning and drop the decade old Operating System and catch with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

In my personal opinion I believe this is a fair period Microsoft given for Windows XP world. This deadline support message has been routing around the world for many years. So there is no way of end users complaining about this anymore Smile More information about this deadline can be found here.

As IT Pro now it’s your time to brush up quickly your knowledge on how to migrate applications upgrade OS with minimum disruptions to the production environment. You can find plethora of tools, guides, videos on Microsoft web site for this.