Hyper-V Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)Overview

This is one of the unique feature in Windows Sever 2012 HYPER-V I would love to get my hands dirty. The idea behind is this option is to offload the data transfer commands (processing power) away from the HYPER-V HOST computers and instruct the Storage (SAN) to do that task. So basically copying data to memory transfer to the target location free the memory from data bits all these work as in the history. Virtual machine’s directly connected with FC storage or pass through disks can take leverage on this technology as long as the hardware vendor provide that facility in their storage solutions.

Right now VHD or VDHX connected to virtual IDE controllers doesn’t support this capability. The main reason is integrated development environment (IDE) doesn’t support the ODX feature.

You can review the below  video which demo the HP #PAR storage subsystem with Windows 2012 about the ODX feature.

Another video from Dell company

Another blog article released by Dell showcasing the numbers Smile Man…I’d be really happy if I can get my hands dirty on one of these storage systems.