ITPro session for April month 2013

This month I’ve been discussing about the trend of hybrid hyper-visor movement by customers and why they tend do that. Apart from that we’re now in the next level of virtualization where most organization who adopt virtualization trying to find feasible solutions to manage their environment.

During that discussion one key thing being highlight was ‘What are the key characteristics of Private Cloud” This is very important since most of the customer has the assumption as soon as they have a hypervisor and console to manage it means Private Cloud.

Then we focus on what is really the total management solutions should be like and how System Center 2012 come into the picture to fill the gap. The most interesting part is most VMware guys in the room didn’t know the capability and how strong is “HYPER-V Replica” we had a good time discussion about the feature compare with VMware offered paid solutions Smile

Some of the moments captured during the session.