Windows 2008 Storage server setup

I have been keeping the Windows 2008 Storage server downloaded iso in my machine for few weeks time and didn’t get much time to test it out. Well if you’re guessing how I get it I have download it from TechNet subscription, Yes it is available over there 🙂

Finally I wanted to test the Windows 2008 R2 new cluster features. When it comes to shared storage 2 products are in my mind, one is Windows 2008 Storage server and the other one is StarWind iSCSI software. Since I have already got the MS product I wanted to give it a try.

I carried out the Storage server setup in my HYPER-V rig. Well nothing much talk about the setup since it is similar to the Windows 2008 setup 🙂 Once the setup completed I ran into a problem of guessing a password to log into the system. Can you believe it Microsoft Storage team wanted to have some fun with us!!!

Thanks to some search around I managed to find the password. It is “wSS2008!” So surprise I didn’t find that information in the Storage server team’s blog
anyway I do hope this article will help someone who is pulling their hair to find out the Storage server default password.