Windows XP Support has been counting down now with less than 365 days to go

Microsoft has once again officially announced they will end the support for Windows XP on April 08th 2014. Right now they are providing extend support with security fixes. If you’re a corporate user with hundreds of Windows XP computers now it’s not that too late for the planning and drop the decade old Operating System and catch with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

In my personal opinion I believe this is a fair period Microsoft given for Windows XP world. This deadline support message has been routing around the world for many years. So there is no way of end users complaining about this anymore Smile More information about this deadline can be found here.

As IT Pro now it’s your time to brush up quickly your knowledge on how to migrate applications upgrade OS with minimum disruptions to the production environment. You can find plethora of tools, guides, videos on Microsoft web site for this.

MVP Virtual Machine Renewed – 2012


I’m so excited to know I’ve been award as MVP for the third year on Virtual Machine category. You can find more information about MVP in here. Year 2012 and onwards going to exciting time for me to talk more about HYPER-V in Server 2012. Look forward to continue my community activity and share knowledge in HYPER-V area. Same time hats off for fellow MVP’s who renew their MVP status and Welcome aboard for new members.

Microsoft virtual academy (mva)

Are you in hungry for the information? Wanna learn about Cloud computing and want to see how it impact in your IT career? Then MVA is the place you want to be at Smile

The MVA offers no-cost, easy-access training for IT professionals who want to get ahead in cloud computing, guiding you through real-life deployment scenarios and the latest cloud computing technologies and tools. By selecting the training modules that match your needs, you can use valuable new skills that help take your career to the next level.

Personally I think Microsoft doing a great job by giving and sharing knowledge about the Cloud computing and make sure IT professionals are ready for it. After all it will be the next wave if you’re ready or not, so it’s always better to safeguard your hat!

Apart from that I always enjoying reading the latest news offered by following web site. So keep enjoying keeping ahead on the latest technology.

TechNet Forum Assistant

The TechNet Forum Assistant is a free Windows gadget, available in the Microsoft Download Center. This gadget will help you better utilize the great information in TechNet Forums and community. By downloading, you have the support and expertise of Microsoft TechNet Forum Support Engineers directly right on your desktop. Receive support on your terms by downloading the TechNet Forum Assistant.

TechNet Assistant2

TechNet Assistant1

Microsoft contribution towards ip v6

Word wide IP v6 day is 8th June. I got the invitation to conduct a session on Microsoft contribution towards IP v6. Event has been organized by “Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Moratuwa and the Information
Technology & Communications Engineering Sectional Committee of the Institution of Engineers” wow that is a mouthful name Smile But for short TechCert.

I’ve decided to talk about how Microsoft company has been contributing to the IP v6 and the new features we use in Windows 208 R2 and Windows 7 combined to make the world ready to use the IP v6 technology. During the event I wanted to highlight the feature of Direct Access and how it contribute to people to make their connected life seamless.

Due to the limited time frame carrying out a live demo is not possible but managed to discuss the architecture of the Direct Access. Slide Deck can be accessed over here.

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IPv6 Day


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Transition to IP v6

Like it or not now we’re in the tipping point of moving to the IP v6. IP v4 has been already exhausted to it’s maximum level.

Still we’re still far away from adopting to IP v6 due to many reasons. Some administrators don’t want to even think about going through the learning curve of IP v6 and introduce to their system. Apart from that they also overlooking the trends in the market about this transition.

Never the less Microsoft with Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 introduce some cool technologies you can use with the help of IP v6 (Direct Access, NAP enhancements). To move to IP v6 companies can adopt many transitions methods as mention here.

Finally National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released very good document on “Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6

The document has been written in very friendly manner with the introduction of IP v6 basics and how it can be co-exist and deploy securely. IP v6 has lot to offer so we have to unleash it and control it in a secure manner. The authors has taken careful considerations about this part.

Apart from that Microsoft has done very good job of providing comprehensive documentations and support on this adoption. You can find more information about this which is available in dedicate section in TechNet. Some more resources over here.

Microsoft Multiport server 2011 beta availability

Microsoft have announce the availability of the Windows Multipoint Server 2011 Beta last October. Though the news is little bit old I thought of sharing my 2 cents knowledge about it.

Microsoft mainly aims this product for the schools and training institutes which is designed primarily for the education market to help schools increase computing access to more students for a lower total cost. According to Microsoft this product benefit has been reaped by many training institutes, schools around the world, but claims businesses who wish to train staff on technologies could benefit too.

Currently this product is available in major languages and can be extended by adding Windows Server R2 language pack to support up to 32 languages! Each user will get Windows 7 experience in their own unique desktop.

Some of the key benefits of this products are,

  • Separate user accounts for each user – This helps students to manage their project work separately. If necessary administrator can join the server to the Active Directory as well. This will allow more control using Group Policies.
  • Easily share files, videos, and more with and between groups of students – Teachers will have great flexibility of sharing contents once (Document Library) and it appears on each students session automatically.
  • Create private folders for each user to manage their work
  • Watch videos or listen to music and podcasts without disturbing everyone else – Each session can have audio and video mange separately. This is pretty cool.
  • Easily monitor and manage sessions – Teachers have total control of the students sessions and can monitor the each sessions individually. If necessary device connections and disconnections can be managed remotely.

Technical point of view you can plug as many as 10 monitors, keyboards & mice to single computer. Depending on usage of the system this number can be less. Microsoft have highlighted this in their general guidelines:

You don’t need any specialize hardware to use this product. Microsoft has introduce this product keeping in mind to reduce cost for schools so generic hardware work perfectly with the product. Multipoint server can be obtain though Microsoft Volume Licensing program and under Academic pricing.