Security is part of Microsoft bloodline

Two weeks back Microsoft CEO highlighted how they improve security and their over 1 billion annual investments on security solutions. He clearly iterates security is not a separate component but integral part of Microsoft solutions. Looking closely at Microsoft current business model it is very clear this statement stands true due to their expansion on cloud based solutions.

So today we’re talking about another step forward from Microsoft with the introduction of Azure Security Center (Preview version).

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With Azure security center you can get,

  • Understand the security state of your Azure resources
  • Take control of cloud security with policies that let you recommend and monitor security configurations
  • Easily deploy integrated Microsoft and partner security solutions from Barracuda, F5, and Trend Micro and soon from Fortinet, Check Point, Cisco, Imperva, Incapsula, and CloudFlare
  • Get alerted to threats detected using advanced analytics, including machine learning and behavioral profiling, and Microsoft’s vast global threat intelligence assets

So in a nutshell this is Microsoft solution offering for total security protection for your cloud hosted applications and services. Interesting part is security is never ending story. So keep an eye on latest improvements happening on this section.

More information can be found here