Nested Virtualization in Hyper-V

Finally, we’re hearing the god news from HYPER-V team we’ve been waiting for. HYPER-V on Server 2016 Preview version (Build 10565) is supporting nested virtualization. Now if you’re newbie on this then let me explain as much as possible by using general terms J

Nested virtualization means you’re running HYPER-V inside a HYPER-V vm ok? Well I guess that is not enough J

  1. You take a computer install server 2016 Preview with Build 10565
  2. You enable HYPER-V role in the host
  3. Create a Virtual Machine (Let’s say another server 2016)
  4. Go and enable HYEPER-V role in that VM (Yes now you can J)

There you go now you’ve nested virtualization. Very cool if you want to enable HYPER-V cluster and do testing. You can find more information about this news from here.