Extending on premise Active Directory to Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest buzz word in the technical world (at least in my world Smile ) Whenever I have conversation about this with my customers some of the questions and concerns they have as follows,

1. Why should I care about another directory service when I already have Active Directory to manage my users and computers

2. How can I extend my Active Directory

3. Can I dump my on-prem Active Directory and use 100% Azure active directory?

Most of the time I end up explaining Azure Active Directory using couple of pictures,


Above picture gives an idea about similarity between Azure AD and On-prem AD. This is an easy way to give someone an idea what is AD normally do (I’m talking about business owners)

Next picture about how Azure ID can be used in hybrid method and open whole new world on Cloud based Apps to an organization.


Now that is all about some nice icing layer before we start the work Smile

My first attempt is to help you guide through how we can setup Azure AD and then integrate that with you local Active Directory.

First you need to have an Azure subscription. If you already have Azure subscription then login to the main portal,


On the right hand side scroll down until you find the section called “Active Directory”


You can see couple of Active Directories created by my in the right hand side. Please note Default directory is pre-created by Microsoft Azure. You can start using that or create your own Azure Directory. to create you own AAD (Azure Active Directory) click new,


Select directory and click “Custom”


Put your own values for this, (Note: make sure the Domain name you provide is a unique one)


Once you complete the wizard you’ve completed with creating your AAD Smile


In the above picture you’ll spend time creating users and groups for the new AD. For more information about this area please visit here. In the next article we’ll talk about how to integrate Azure AD with on-prem AD.

The Altaro PowerShell Hyper-V Cookbook (Free)

Ok this is probably not a latest new but Altaro has release HYPER-V e-book with lots and lots of PowerShell commands. I found out this is really useful if you’re playing around or managing HYPER-V environments. Kudos to the author –Jeffery Hicks (PowerShell MVP)

You can download the free e-book from here and also don’t forget to download the sample PS commands freely available to download along with that e-book. You can get them from here. Also pay a visit to authors blog and you’ll find more latest updates and new PS commands Smile

If you’re new to the PowerShell world then you need to step into few places first to brush your knowledge. Believe me PowerShell is most important in your future career so spend some on it. You can start from here & here