System Center 2012 R2 DPM supported in an Azure Virtual Machine

DPM team recentely announced they’re supporting DPM running as a VM in the Azure Cloud. This means now you can protect your Azure workload within the Azure premise by locating DPM server in the cloud. With this option you’re getting more retention time period as well. This also means whoever having System Center license now they can use that and setup DPM in Azure Smile

Note from the DPM team released few weeks back,

We are pleased to announce that System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is now supported to run in Azure as an IaaS virtual machine. This announcement allows customers to deploy DPM for protection of supported workloads running in a Azure IaaS virtual machines. Customers with a System Center license can now protect workloads in Azure. Read more about it on the DPM blog.”

One of the question remains I the VM sizing for the DPM server in Azure. In my opinion it’s better to start with minimum 2 VCPU and 3.5 GB one and then keep on increasing the size of the VM based on the requirements.

If you’re having a Azure trial account this is another feature you should go ahead and give a try. Before starting setting up spend little bit time reading the blog post released by the DPM team and also refer to the FAQ.

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