Ethernet Resource Pool in Hyper-V

Resource pooling concept on HYPE-V becomes essential day by day to virtualization data center administrators. I’ve discuss about storage pooling sometime back. You can refer that here. Now we’re in the Server 2012 R2 HYPER-V stage and the concept stays the same.

Now let’s take a scenario before I enter to the technical write-up part.
Let’s assume you’ve two different HYPER-V host servers (HOST1 & HOST2), each having virtual switch which connects the VM’s to the external network. Host HOST1 having external VM switch name as “External-SW-A” & HOST2 having switch name as “External-SW-B”. Assuming you export or live migrate a VM from HostA to HostB you’ll have a technical issue saying VM cannot find the network switch.

Simple reason behind is due to the different switches names on each host. This can be more complex when we’re talking about more HYPER-V hosts having different switches names.

To avoid this problem HYPER-V team introduce to the resource pool concept. Before that I want to show there are no resource pools created on the HYPER-V host,

We’ll create switch name as “EthResourcePool1” now unfortunately we don’t have a GUI method so our old friend PS will come to the picture. Try following PS command,

New-VMResoucePool –Name EthResourcePool1 –ResourcePoolType Ethernet

Once that completed on each HYPER-V host computer you can add their existing switches to the pool by typing below PS command,

Before that current status of the HOST1 computers network switch settings,

Add-VMSwitch –Name External-SW-A –ResourcePoolName EthResourcePool1

Add-VMSwitch –Name External-SW-B –ResourcePoolName EthResourcePool1


Now let’s go to HOST1 and check on one of the VM properties,


So what this means is if you live migrate this VM to different HYPER-V host which is part of the Ethernet resource pool there will be no issues to the VM to connect to the relevant network 🙂
If you’re more interested in this feature you can find more parameters and technical information here.

2 thoughts on “Ethernet Resource Pool in Hyper-V

  1. Thanks for the great info
    Just a little typo
    “New-VMResoucePool –Name EthResourcePool1 –ResourcePoolType Ethernet ”
    You left out the letter R in “New-VMResourcepool”

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