Improved Linux support on Server 2012 R2 HYPER-V

Microsoft is doing their best to welcome Linux as a first class citizen for their world and same goes on the virtualization arena. With the introduction of the Server 2012 R2 HYPER-V Microsoft has carried our several enhancement for the Linux support. This initially start with improving the LIS (Linux Integration Services) enhancements, thanks to the effort carried out by the MS team now LIS is integrated with several popular Linux distros.

Out the new improvements to the LIS two major ones that took my attention are,

Dynamic Memory support for Linux guest operating systems – with this we can treat Linux OS as a first class citizen in the HYPER-V. This is also welcome feature for virtual machine hosting providers as well. In my test lab I’ve installed Ubuntu 13.04 and configured dynamics memory. When the VM is in idle mode memory consumption has been reduced less than 200 MB!


Linux virtual machine backup support – Now you can use Windows Backup to backup the Linux VM while they’re running (although slight pause happens during snapshot) But this is a welcome feature I would see with significant value.

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