Configuring HYPER-V server 2012 free edition for Remote Management

This article has been written in the assumption your HYPER-V host in the workgroup mode and your remote server management client also in the workgroup mode.

  1. First download iso of the HYPER-V server 2012 free edition. Make a bootable USB drive to install the HYPER-V server 2012. You can download the bootable USB drive software from here.
  2. Once server setup completed run "Sconfig" command and change the

Computer name

IP address to static

Date & time

Enable Remote Management


  1. For additional GUI level configuration you can download the CoreConfig tool for Server core 2012 from here.


  1. Now to manage the HYPER-V server 2012 from a Windows 8 machine download the "Remote Server Administration Tools" from here.
  2. Make sure you can ping to the HYPER-V server 2012 from your Windows 8 computer by it’s computer name instead of the IP address. First try IP address and if that works and ping to name failed then in the client computer open Run and go to the path of "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc" and open the file called hosts file. In the bottom of the document add the entry of the HYPER-V server 2012 server IP address and its name. Save the document (you might get problems so save the file to the desktop and then copy back to the original location. First make sure the rename the original document as hosts.old) Go to the command prompt and type "nbtstat -R" and then retry to ping to the Server core by its computer name. This time you’ll be able to do that without any problem.
  3. In the Windows 8 computer open the command prompt with elevated access and then type

cmdkey /add:<ServerName> /user:<UserName> /pass:<password>
(Eg: cmdkey /add:ServerCore /user:Susantha /pass:P@sssw0rd)

  1. Now open the HYPER-V manager MMC and click "Connect to Server" and add the Remote HYPER-V server 2012 name.


  1. If everything is successful you will be able to see the HYPER-V enabled host will be added to the HYPER-V Manager MMC.

To manage Server core from Server Manager Console

  1. Open Server Manager in windows 8 client. (Assuming you’re already completed the step of installing the RSAT for Windows 8)
  2. Select "Add other servers to manage" and in the net console select DNS and then enter the Server Core computer name,


  1. Soon after doing that you’ll be greeted with an error


  1. Now in the client computer open the command prompt with elevated prompt and type
    winrm set winrm/config/client @{TrustedHosts="RemoteComputerName"}
    Eg: winrm set winrm/config/client @{TrustedHosts="Core"}
    To make things simple and work what I’ve done is created a user account on both windows 8 and Server Core with same username and password. Make sure you’re logged in with those user names on both computers
  2. Once that completed refresh the errors appearing on the server manager. You’ll find server manager will be able to identify the server roles in Core system. You can start collecting performance details from server core as well.

2 thoughts on “Configuring HYPER-V server 2012 free edition for Remote Management

  1. Try out the only free open source GUI hyper-v Manager Written in powershell and aimed at the mircosoft hyper-v core server, it is meant to be run from the serer console.
    Set the Virtual Machine and HardDisk paths for the VHost.
    Create/Remove a vSwitch.
    Advanced NIC and vSwitch features like NIC Teaming*.
    Create a new vm via questions and answers.
    Start/Stop a VM.
    RDP to a VM (replaces vmconnect and mstsc) (1).
    Manage VM’s DVD/ISO.. Eject/Insert/Insert MS tools.
    Remove/Delete a VM.
    Export a VM.
    Import a VM.
    Edit the VM’s Name, RAM Amount, vCPU Count, NIC’s, Networks/vSwitch(s) and Virtual Disks.
    Gather an Inventory Report of the VHost and VM’s.

  2. this worked for me. Really appreciate the walk through as my home lab is not ideal. Main workstation is running virtual box with a win 8.1 client that is bridged to my home network with static ip. Next, i have another computer running hyper v server core, that will eventually start hosting VMs(DC01, DC02, win8 client, and win 10 client) for my 70-411 exam.

    Being able to manage all of the machines via the win 8.1 on my workstation is ideal, because i will be out of town for a month, i can VNC into my workstation and be able to access my home lab.

    Thanks again

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