Year 4th as a MVP –Thank you for everyone

July 1st 2012 midnight Microsoft official e-mail was in my inbox confirming I’ve been recognized as an MVP for my contribution to the community. This is my 4th time I’ve been awarded as an MVP on my technical knowledge sharing on Microsoft HYPER-V. HYEPE-V has been an interesting baby and for the past few years has grown tremendously and came to a point to be the only challenger to “Other Guys” Right now we’re surpassing “Other Guys” in certain areas and continuously improving the capabilities.

Sharing information about such technology has been always exciting activity for me. We do lot of customer meetings explain them why they should overlook HYPER-V and how the market changing from hyper-visor fight to Cloud level. I truly believe HYPER-V have a steady journey ahead and I’m glad to be part of that to take that message to community. Thank you for everyone who supported me on this journey.

MVP logo

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