VMM 2012 SP1 UI Add–Ins from Savison

Microsoft really moving towards the target making VMM as a Cloud Manager console instead of being said Virtual Machine Management console. To make this task they have been generous enough to allow third party vendors to add UI Add-ins to the VMM console. You can find more about this concept here.

One such company who took my attention is Savison. Savison is famous for extending the Operations Manager console and provide live feedback Maps. I really like the idea of Savison Live Maps and how they extend the SCOM to the next level.

Anyway getting back to the point 🙂 they have introduce and Add-in to the VMM 2012 SP1 which extend and provide more information about the Virtual machine and the host servers itself. Based on the resource usage this Add-in can provide predictable information for IT Managers to plan well ahead of resource usage. Apart from that if there is any problem with the VMM root cause will be identified and explanation provided. This really helps VMM admin to reduce the troubleshooting  and keep the environment running smoothly without switching to different windows. All these capabilities coming to you FREE!! Yes you heard it correct Savison decide to offer this Add-in freely to anyone who use VMM 2012 SP1. You can download the files from here.

If you want to skip the manual and watch a quick step by step guide then you’re in luck 🙂 you can access the video I’ve created of from here.

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