Improved HYPER-V replica in windows server 2012 R2

Windows R2 bits are already out there for you to grab and play around. Today I’m taking you’ll attention one particular improvement in HYPER-V replica feature. I’m not going to explain what is HYPER-V replica and it’s advantages, you cna read more information about from here. In previous version of HYPER-V replica the minimum data transfer difference between the replication VM’s are 5 minutes, in another way RTO is 5 minutes.  This is more than enough for most of the business application out there when compared with the customers requirement and their budget 🙂

But customers and partners want more and Microsoft listen to them, so the answer is HYPER-V product team has reduce that time up to 30 seconds!! (Yes you heard it correctly now it’s 30 seconds no more minutes level)


So now when you enable HYPER-V replica option in HYPER-V you can select which time option you want to select out of 3 options. This is an welcome advantage for technical engineers to decide which Virtual machine’s will need priority and then enable the feature based on that priority.

edit on 07-07-2013

Apart from reducing the replication interval to 30 seconds Microsoft also offer you the option of replicating the replicated backup to another location. As an example from your primary location (A) you replicate to different location (B) from that  “B” location you can replicate to another location (C)

This is similar to the “Bunker backup” scenario. As I’ve mentioned above the time internal’s are 30 seconds, 5 minutes & 15 minutes. So you can decide how you want to arrange the RTP and RPO based on your organization requirement.

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