Snap out from VMware bed time stories

Are you still stuck with VMware bed time stories and paying them more and more $$$ annually?  Are you ready to make a change from that barrier and moving into hybrid hyper-visor management solutions? If you’re in that page then you’re on right place 🙂

5Nine software company has introduce “5nine VMware to Hyper-V Virtual Machine Converter v1.0.9” This is a free tool and the purpose of the tool well explain by the name itself.

With recent new upcoming changes with Windows Server 2012 R2 HYPER-V is leaping a big jump on the virtualization market. It’s already begun and most of the IT Pros has identify the simple yet powerful features and options offered by HYPER-V latest version. Some of these new free features can only be met by VMware Enterprise Plus license which cost $$$ to you.

Anyway keeping aside that talk all you have to do is go 5Nine web site and grab this software and give to couple of your VMware VM’s and put them on the free HYPER-V SERVER 2012 hypervisor platform 🙂

You can grab the 5Nine converter tool from here.
You can grab Microsoft HYPER-V Server 2012 from here.

Taking the HYPER-V replica to next level by using WAN compression technology

If you’re a Administrator or a Systems Engineer supporting for a large organization then no wonder you already hear or experience the value of WAN compression and optimization devices. Such company who keep their name in the rank is Rieverbed. This technology really helps you to save lot of $$ which you spend on WAN links.

Ok keeping that aside let’s get to the HYPER-V replica feature. Unless you’ve been living in a cave HYPER-V replica is the Microsoft technology for virtual machine’s disaster recovery solution. With this technology (which comes free with the Windows Server 2012 OS 🙂 )you can replicate your production virtual machine’s changes to DR site continuously.

But there is a catch on this technology which is the replication time interval is 5 minutes so end of the day you can potentially have 5 minutes data loss. But I’m very glad Microsoft listen to customers feedback and complains and respond with a positive response. With Windows Server 2012 R2, HYPER-V replica replication time interval has been reduce for 30 seconds! Apart from that they give you the option of 30 seconds, 5 minutes & 15 minutes adjustable options for replication. (This is why I love Microsoft with their flexibility to the customers)

Now that being said Microsoft also use compression technology when transmitting the delta change between the product VM and DR VM but if you add the Riverbed appliance you can get amazing results of traffic transmission. On top of  Hyper-V Replica, when use with Riverbed devices you’ll be able to reduced traffic by up to 98% with 70% being typical for sustained and varied workloads. Now that is pretty awesome value. Anyway first things first go ahead and read the Whitepaper released by Microsoft Engineering Excellence Center. You can download the whitepaper from here.