Event id 7000, 7015, in SCOM 2012

In a recent SCOM deployment at customer site I came across the issues of SCOM Management Server throwing above mentioned event ID’s as follows,



Apart from SCOM Management Console throws the error Service account password is incorrect. Since the instruction are very clear all I had to do is go to scom management console—-> Administration —>Run as configuration—>Accounts and select the relevant Runas account and change the password. (in my case someone has changed the domain password in the AD side) Once that completed I’ve restarted the SCOM server itself hoping things would be fine. Well it didn’t Sad smile

Further research I found out this has to be change on the “Data Warehouse Report Deployment Account” section as well,


After another service restart fingers crossed but still getting the error in the SCOM Management Server Event viewer. With several web research I found out I’m not the only person who encounter this issue. Went back to the properties of the “Data Warehouse Report Deployment Account” and check Distribution tab. Found out I’ve selected the “More secure” option and selected the SCOM Management Server (This is the correct way)


what I did to solve the problem is selected the “Less Secure” Apply the change and again select “More Secure” and define the SCOM Management server and restart the SCOM services. This solve the problem and got the happy news of green mark on the SCOM Management server in the console Smile


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