How to Remove SCOM 2012 Management Packs Through PowerShell

While I’m working on my SCOM LAB environment I came across the requirement of removing the Active Directory Management Pack I’ve install into the system. One of the painful process is removing them one by one from the console, top of that I found out I’ve imported the MP’s related to other languages as well Sad smile

There has to be an easy way for this right? You guess correct thanks to tight PowerShell integration with SCOM Microsoft has provided a solution for that. With below mention command you can remove the management pack related to any software application. We only provide a keyword and base on that PowerShell will do the MP library search and remove the relevant MP’s.


In the above command you can replace the “AD” with any keyword. More information can be found on below mention TechNet article,

SCOM 2012 License key registration error

During my SCOM setup process @ customer site came up with the issue of unable to register the License key for the SCOM Management server. Exact steps I followed are as follows,

1. Open the Operations Manager Shell with elevated access
2. Type Import-module OperationsManager and press “Enter”
3. Type New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection and press “Enter”
4. Type Set-SCOMLicense –productid <the SCOM 2012 serial key> and press “Enter”
5. Type Y to confirm the Set-SCOMLicense action and press “Enter”

After that greeted with an error stating “Requested registry access is not allowed” Tried opening the Opening “Operations Manager Shell” with domain administrator but still with the same error.

Thanks to below mention blog post I managed to save hours of researching and solve the matter.