Microsoft virtual academy (mva)

Are you in hungry for the information? Wanna learn about Cloud computing and want to see how it impact in your IT career? Then MVA is the place you want to be at Smile

The MVA offers no-cost, easy-access training for IT professionals who want to get ahead in cloud computing, guiding you through real-life deployment scenarios and the latest cloud computing technologies and tools. By selecting the training modules that match your needs, you can use valuable new skills that help take your career to the next level.

Personally I think Microsoft doing a great job by giving and sharing knowledge about the Cloud computing and make sure IT professionals are ready for it. After all it will be the next wave if you’re ready or not, so it’s always better to safeguard your hat!

Apart from that I always enjoying reading the latest news offered by following web site. So keep enjoying keeping ahead on the latest technology.