Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 6.5 Available

Recently enough Microsoft released the latest version of it’s assessment and Planning toolkit’s latest version (6.5) Fro those who don’t know MAPS it’s a software which available freely for you to do assessment prior getting your hands certain projects. This tool is really useful for consultants, engineers as well as for the end user as well to carry out their own assessment of their current infrastructure. Some of the benefits of the latest version are as follows,

  • Discover Oracle instances on Itanium-based servers for migration to SQL Server: useful for SQL Server migration projects when you tire of the price and virtualization support of Oracle.
  • Assess your software usage and evaluate your licensing needs with the Software Usage Tracking feature, now updated with the Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) scenario: get your licensing right before and auditor does.
  • Accelerate planning for the private cloud with Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Onboarding: FAST is the Microsoft private cloud architecture for their big international partners.
  • Identify migration opportunities with enhanced heterogeneous server environment inventory: this stuff supports MySQL, Linux and VMware scanning.
  • Accelerate planning and migration with the new UI and usability updates in MAP 6.5: All new UI to lay out stuff more logically.

Personally I recommend to use the MAPS before you jump into HYPER-V projects and do recommendation based on your assumptions. Some would argue that based on the experience which is great but backing up that with some real data is much more cooler SmileMAPS will do that part for you with great deal of data with nice presentable manner. Another cool thing about MAPS it can do this even in very large network environments. Recommend to let the scan gather information at least for one week time. This is one of the best tool I can recommend given by Microsoft for free Smile

Apart from that as I mention customers can use the latest version to carry our license assessment on their environment. This is really helpful for them taking decision on license purchasing and fall under compliances.

You can obtain the latest version with sample databases in here. Before setting up MAPS spend some time reading the FAQ pages as well.

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