How to solve Error 10436 in SCVMM

I was testing SCVMM with few host machines located in Domain environment and also in workgroup environment. After applying latest updates to the SCVMM I found out the host computers in the workgroup environment giving an error saying unable to update the SCVMM agent installed in those servers. Exact error is as follows,

“Error (10436) Virtual Machine Manager does not support updating an agent on a host that is in a non-trusted domain or on a perimeter network

Recommended Action
If the host is in a non-trusted domain, remove Xxxxhost01 from VMM in Hosts view of the VMM Administrator Console. Then use the Add Hosts Wizard to add the host and automatically install a new agent.
If the host is on a perimeter network, after you remove the host from VMM, you must manually uninstall the VMM agent from the host computer, install a new agent locally on the host, and then add the host to VMM.”

According to the recommended action when tried to remove the Remote agent from the host computer and removing from the SCVMM console didn’t work.

Found the the main problem is due to the SCVMM agent latest version is not exist in the CD but in the SCVMM machine itself. Located the path to the Remote agent path in CVMM console,


Took a copy of the amd64 folder to the host computer in the perimeter network and apply the agent. During this update process I didn’t remove the host computer from the SCVMM and found out it work without any problems. Didn’t had to reapply the security file either Smile

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