Windows thin pc trial availability

Microsoft yesterday announced the public test version of it’s Windows Thin C (WinTPC) for the public. WinTPC is a locked down or scaled down version of Microsoft Windows 7 which can be run on legacy computer systems. This can be taken as a successor of VDI to Microsoft Fundamentals of Legacy PC’s solution based on Windows XP with SP3. WinTPC solution is available for customers with Software Assurance licensing option in place. One cool thing is you don’t have to purchase VDI license if you want to try WinTPC method. You can try the public CTP version from Microsoft connect portal here.

In a way customer’s can repurpose their old hardware and increase the life cycle of hardware disposal. As per my point of view this is a good news for most of the Enterprise customers who don’t want to replace their desktop computers of users who’s primarily job won’t require high end or new processor power available in the market. (Eg: Banking tellers, cashier’s…etc)

Some of the additional benefits from technology point of view is support of the RemoteFX technology, which is coming with Windows 2008 R2 SP1. With RemoteFX technology combine users can experience rich graphics experience on WinTPC. This is yet to be tested and verified from my point of view but if things go smoothly, programs like CAD, basic graphic design programs can be run on the thin clients which can save significant amount of money to companies.

HP and Wyse Technologies are working on new thin-clients hardware to work with WinTPC and VDI solutions. Microsoft claims that older “Legacy” PC’s can be used with WinTPC instead of those hardware as well. More details can be found over here and here.

With the use of System Center Configuration Manager clients can deploy WinTPC to desktop PC’s and manage them centrally. I think considering the security standpoint of view this is very important as well.

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