Are you into cloud adoption? If not now it’s right time to start with private cloud

As in my previous blogs I’ve been highlighting the importance of the Virtualization and and it can be utilize in the production environment. Most of the time I’ve seen customers, partners implement HYPER-V in the test beds and complain about the performance issues and giving an excuse to move away from it. The real problem lies on how much time you have invest on identifying the correct way to virtualize your applications. So if you’re considering the best practices and recommended way to configure server roles in HYPER-V have a look into following links,

Recommendations for Exchange in HYPER-V

Recommendations for SQL on HYPER-V

Microsoft TMG on HYPER-V

I think you can do more Bing for further articles. All these are pointing to one direction which is “Virtualization is number one option when it comes to server deployment”

Moving forward Google, Microsoft and several other major players took one step forward providing services in the Cloud. Under this offering customers can get their services hosted in the cloud or use the services hosted in the cloud. Some of the fortune 500 companies move into adopting into this offering considering the benefits in this. Coca Cola in such one company who moves with Cloud offering with Microsoft.

It is oblivious cloud computing can make a big change in the IT industry, but he questions remains when you have to take the step forward into it what kind of preparation you need to take. In simplest term are you ready for the “Public Cloud”  Considering all these puzzles around the customers mind Microsoft as well as other virtualization vendors came up with the idea adopting customer environment into private clouds. Adopting these methods will help you to more into the cloud services or co-exist with cloud services without much reconfiguration in your existing infrastructure. Below are some video clips which explains what is private clouds are all about and why you need to consider them,

So are you with me still Smile If you’re a customer who is using Microsoft products extensively then it is time to leverage more from your existing software. Below are some of the useful urls and  documents you can use to get more ideas on how you can adopt into the private clouds in your server warehouse, (doesn’t matter if you have 4-5 servers still you can start in small scale for this )

Comprehensive approach to cloud computing

Hyper-v cloud Deployment guides

If you’re planning this across your organization then it is advisable to co-ordinate with a Microsoft partner to get in depth technical support and planning.

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