Moving your Windows XP machine into Virtualize mode and running inside Windows 7

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the P2V tool for desktop migration to address some of the issues face by customers. Most of the customers are reluctant to move to Windows 7 due to the application issues despite many solutions offered by Microsoft to address those problems. Some of the solutions they have been using is MED-V and APP-V which doesn’t address the problem of al audience.

With the P2V Migration tool (beta) with Software Assurance allows the users to simply convert their existing Windows XP environment into virtualize mode and run inside seamlessly inside Windows 7. During this conversion you’ll be able to preserve the existing domain membership, trusts and policies. This will be a great time saving for system administrators. User can use his existing legacy application, IE 6 and other programs inside Windows XP and still interact with Windows 7.

You can download the beta version of the software along with documentation from below mention link,


Some of the key benefits from this tool is reducing the time frame to deploy Windows 7 in your organization. Most of the companies has allocated time to test the legacy application with Windows 7 and try to troubleshoot them. This will increase the timeline for customers not to use the new benefits in the new OS which can help them to improve the productivity. Thanks to this tool you can move ahead with your deployment timelines accordingly and still spend some time on R&D.

In order to use this software you need to comply as follows,

1. You need to have Microsoft Software Assurance Pack purchased and it is in valid period.

2. You can’t take a Windows XP image from a Windows OEM machine and transfer that image to Windows 7. (OEM license are not transferable)

3. You need to have Volume License to carry out this task.

I do hope Microsoft will come up with more flexible legal methods to address this when customers see the significant advantage on this tool.

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