Recognized as a MVP!

I’m happy to inform I’ve been selected and award the MVP award by Microsoft! My main subjects has been server virtualization and server clustering. Most of my activities and blogs are related to the HYPER-V though I have a strong attraction to clustering due to the close relationship between 2 technologies most of the time.

I’m focusing more on integrating third party solutions with HYPER-V and providing comprehensive solutions to customers. (Eg: Complete DR solutions using HYPER-V with Double Take)

Hats off for everyone who has been supportive for me and encourage on my activities.


Remote Desktop virtualization host capacity planning

After the main buzz of the server virtualization the next key thing in the industry is Desktop virtualization or else known as VDI. Some of the enterprise companies looking at this solution as a way to increase their hardware life cycle and for some it is a method to tightly control the access point for their central data access. Never the less this is a important technology for the Service partners as well.

To have a better idea of how to size this solution for customers using HYPER-V  and Windows 2008 R2 connection broker Microsoft has released the new capacity planning document.

named as “Remote Desktop Virtualization host Capacity Planning in Windows Server 2008 R2”. You can get a copy of this article from here.