Battery life decrease after the Apple IOS 4 upgrade to the Apple iTouch

I was keep in counting the days until the Apple release the free IOS 4 update for the iPod devices. If I’m correct June 22nd they released the update OS and I managed to upgrade my iTouch OS on 3 a.m.!

Everything is normal for me initially until I notice how quickly the batter drain after 1-2 hours usage of the device. Under the previous OS I didn’t experienced of this apart from occasional playing of SNIPER 3D game. Of course anyone can understand the graphic intensive games like that can drain the juice very quickly from that device. After some forum search I found out I’m not the only moron screaming and blaming Apple for this issues.
Finally I decided to do a hard reset of the device. Most of the forums has clearly mention to backup the data and settings and proceed with that. But as a thumb rule I didn’t do that 🙂 But found out I didn’t loose the data but now the device is functioning smoothly with longer battery life.

In order to do a hard reset hold down the home button and the reset button nearly 10 seconds until the apple log appears. As a thumb rule backup the data!! you’ll not be luck as I’m 😛

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