Citrix Xen desktop partnered with hyper-v

Sun, Apr 25 2010 9:49 AM Susantha Silva [Edit]

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I have been missing the blogging opportunity for few weeks. Apart from that very less interesting stories existed in the virtualization world for me 馃檪

Anyway talking about the VDI technology Microsoft has been very keen and see a strong future in that. When it comes to VDI first thing it comes to our mind it Terminal Server. Again Citrix comes into the picture as the strong competitor product. But today we鈥檙e going to talk about MS and Citrix sitting on the same table and shaking hands. Citrix has been very strong in Terminal Server technology and wanted to be in the virtualization technology picture as well.

Citrix XenDesktop is one of the key application when it comes to VDI solutions. But again Microsoft have been leading with their own solutions on VDI as well. Combining with Windows 7 as a VDI solution it has been successful. Anyway XenDesktop itself have few secrets to use itself when used in low bandwidth situation. This join venture has been a big hit for VMware as well and that is what both giants wanted to do as well 馃檪

Now for our tetchiest fans there is a XenDesktop on HYPER-V  sizing guide can be fond over here. Apart from some really good stuff about these two technologies can be found at Paul Wilson鈥檚 section in Citrix. Paul has been long time engineer working @ Citirx and specialize in VDI solution. You can visit the relevant web page from here.

So is VDI for everyone? From  my understanding point of view VDI will not going to be everyone鈥檚 cup of tea. But considering with the emerging cloud computing option in Asian market this would be a good method to be considered for SME market segment as well.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 beta

Microsoft has released the public beta of the next wave of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). This time VMM management console has significant changes compared to VMM 2008 R2. More weight has been given on Private and Public Cloud management apart from the in-house VM management capability.

Some of the new changes or rather I鈥檇 say add-on to the VMM 2012 are,

路 Support for Xen hyper-visor apart from VMware

路 Identify bare metal machines in the network and push OS to those machines.

路 Use the VMM console to create a Hyper-V cluster from two or more stand-alone Hyper-V hosts that are managed by VMM 2012

路 Create a private cloud by combining hosts and networking, storage, and library resources together

路 Create a Read-Only Administrator user role

Complete list of new changes can be found over here. What is interesting is how VMM has been designed to combine with the Cloud adoption and management capabilities. If you鈥檙e coming from VMM 2008 R2 still you have plenty to catch over.

Next few weeks will be spending on delivering the new capabilities of the SCVMM in short videos. The first attempt of how to install the SCVMM video can be access from here.

Apple iPad hits the market

hi everyone Apple has released the apple iPad officially. According the web reviews people has been awaiting in the queue  to get their hands into this neat device.

Apple iPad is next generation device which is more focus on using the sensor technology. Since is built with wifi and 3G technology the information access capability is limitless.

Since I didn鈥檛 get my hands into the device it will be difficult to review my honest feeling but as a tech gadget freak I would say I love to get my hands into this device. Well while I鈥檓 typing this some guys ahs already gone one step ahead and disabled the device to see what is inside as any techie would do (cough..cough鈥)

Anyway I think it鈥檚 better to have a look into what is inside this cool gadget. You can find step by step guide how to disassemble this device over here.