Proud owner of a Apple iPod (3rd Generation)

Got my hands into the long awaited apple iTouch yesterday. This is 32 GB version. Even though they have 3rd generation iTouch on 8 GB it’s entire design is on 2nd generation. As a technical point of first thing I did is upgrade the firmware 🙂 Well tough to say what kind of improvement has it made since I barely test it even for few hours. So far I’m loving all the features in it specially the wifi access availability and the mail access. Apart from that I really like the idea of voice memos. Even though this is introduced as MP3 player I think it has the essential tools for day to day work.

One disappointment is missing of the camera. I really wish Apple would have consider that into this device since it is a essential part. Let’s put it this way, so far they have given all the utilities you can imagine of and give the apps to edit pictures even but missing the camera! But again before moving to this I did some web research and found of lots of positive feedback on it.

I didn’t went for Microsoft Zune due to the limited apps available in the internet when I did the research. But guess MS will find a way to overcome that very soon. Saying that here goes a another member to the Apple iPod community 🙂

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