CCleaner supports Windows 7

How many times you have notice or suffered from PC / Laptop getting slow and sluggish compared to your initial usage with that system. We tend to keep filling it up with various software and downloads. Even though we try to do disk cleanup and disk defragment that doesn’t going to clean the windows registry (The nerve system of Windows)

As a solution I have been using registry cleaning software from windows 98 stage.  When it comes to Windows XP  have found out CCLeaner is the best for that plus it is free. Apart from registry cleaning it has the capability to tweak the registry, remove stale software records from control panel…etc. Removing browser cache and temporary files is one key improvement in this software. Not only internet explorer , CCleaner support can identify most popular web browsers as well. So much options under the category of free 🙂 Unfortunately when I moved to Windows 7 it didn’t had official plans or release dates to support for Windows7. Despite of running the application under Windows XP compatibility category I didn’t wanted to run this application. One main reason is it won’t recognize the Windows 7 registry and can make severe damage.

Recent visit to their web site gave me the eye opening about the compatibility with windows 7! Some of the key improvements in the latest release are,




CCleaner v2.27
– Added support to Wipe MFT Free Space.
– Added cleaning for Windows Explorer breadcrumb bar.
– Added cleaning for Opera beta versions.
– Added option to turn off CCleaner jumplist tasks on Windows 7.
– Added menu option to Registry Cleaner to add key to exclude list.
– Improved support for SeaMonkey 2.0.
– Improved Windows 7 Taskbar progress accuracy.
– Improved minimize to system tray functionality across all platforms.
– Improved Opera cleaning by including opcache and temporary_downloads folder.
– Improved performance of Compact database routines.
– Improved Wipe Free Space code to avoid locks.
– Improved security when deleting files.
– Minor GUI and interface improvements.
– Minor bug fixes.

Give it a try and see how it perform for you. You can download the latest version from here.

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