Random updates on HYPER-V faq

While we are helping the customers to upgrade or consider for moving to HYPER-V  there are questions fire up in various ways. One thing I notice is most of them have already heard about the virtualization but laying back due to the lack of information been passed to them about the Virtualization products or maybe they have questions not been answered yet. With this blog article I’m expecting to share some of the questions I have been face and also come common ones I have seen in the forums. I’ll give priority to HYPER-V on this article 🙂 Now as a general understanding I didn’t add the questions like what are the advantages on moving to virtualization since it’ll be well covered by particular vendors 🙂 apart from that do a search at Bing or Google.

1. Is my existing servers capable of running HYPER-V? For this questions we need to check the processor compatibility. To check each respective processor manufactures processor compatibility they have their own tools,
AMD , Intel, Other software

2. What is the most effective way to run HYPER-V? Running HYPER-V on top of server core is the recommended method. In this way you make sure maximum hardware resources are available for the Virtual PC’s. Step by step info available here

3. How can I backup HYPER-V VPC’s using the native windows backup? You can integrate the Windows backup program to backup the virtual PC’s.To do so you need to register the Hyper-V VSS Writer with Windows Server Backup. Click here 

4. How can I move my production servers to virtual environment without reconfiguring or loosing data? You can use Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine (SCVMM) to convert existing physical systems to virtual environment. This conversion can be carried out in two methods, Live conversion and offline conversion. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages plus when to use which option. More about P2V using SCVMM can be found over here.

Those are the questions I can think top of my mind apart from deep level technical questions which I didn’t insert over here. Feel free to drop a note and request more information.

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