Sharing knowledge with bright minds

I’ve been very happy when I have been invited to do a session about Microsoft products for students at a University. This is one memorable occasion which I got the chance to work closely with few Sri Lankan MVP’s as well. This University is located in Kandy, too bad we forgot get some pictures of the surroundings.

So what is interesting is the eager students had to learn about the new technologies and especially about the Microsoft side. They have been well armed with Open source technology but had certain knowledge about the Microsoft products and how those products can be used effectively. In this event we had the chance to demonstrate several products and how to use them effectively on their lifestyle.

I also got to know University students has been selected to receive several Microsoft products free!! (Can’t name the products now until the announcement comes from the Microsoft itself 🙂 ) But that indication has been given to the students at that time. Look forward for more events like this and to share the knowledge.

SNC00128 SNC00132 SNC00133 SNC00122

SNC00106IMG_0249[1] SNC00108 IMG_0250[1]


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