Overcome phobia for PowerShell

Microsoft introduced PowerShell with Windows 2008 as a central method to manage the Windows platform. If you look at the history of PowerShell it has been around in various method (Eg: Scripts, WMI…etc) Actually PowerShell has been there with the introduction with Exchange 2007. But most of the administrators stayed away from the CLI and wanted to stick with GUI. In the Linux world this is one humor factor for the Windows Administrators. If you loose the GUI you can’t do anything despite with limited commands available in the dos.

In Microsoft roadmap PowerShell is a key technology. They wanted to have it as a central de facto for managing Windows software. So if you’re a system administrator who is overlooking Windows servers you better ready for this. So what makes system administrators skip away from PowerShell? The main answer is it is CLI! and they hate for typing lengthy commands plus they need to have the script knowledge. Most of the surveys carried out by MS and third party reviewers proved this.

Microsoft has been taking every step to overcome but as a fundamental rule “Changes are not accepted happily” Microsoft is trying to improve the PowerShell by introducing GUI to that in certain level. But today my attention goes to totally different third party software called ‘”PowerGUI” offered by Quest software.

Quest company is Microsoft Gold Certified ISV partner providing solutions for MS software. They have introduced PowerGUI as a free software along with various PowerShell command packs develop by their staff members and forum users.

To be honest I’m also little bit reluctant to PowerShell but with this software it makes us really easy to embrace the new technology with less hassle. As a new user to PowerShell and PowerGUI software you will find lot of resources to get up and running. The interface is very simple to understand. As long as you know AD, Exchange console this software will be not that difficult to understand. One cool feature I found out is filtering has been carried out to extend level. In my customer visit I get lot of inquires about how to get report like this, that filter in various methods, well answer is PowerGUI.

Apart from that you’ll also find a PowerShell Editor as well. One nifty feature is whatever the command you tried to create using GUI in the background you’ll find the relevant PowerShell command. So you can cut and paste it and then do slice and dice and adjust it, optimize it and experiment it.



Apart from that creating your own PowerShell commands will be a breeze with the embedded technologies.  So my two cents recommendation is go for it, use it, taste it and be ready for the future Smile

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