Something intresting in Windows 7 and windows 2008 R2

Tried to setup HYPER-V role in my desktop PC after installing Windows 2008 R2 (It’s a new rig 🙂 )
Tried to install windows 2008 R2 Ent and Windows 7 as guest OS in my HYPER-V environment. After installing went on usual method of installing the IC’s (integration services), but no need to do that anymore. According to the given message ic’s has been installed already.

Wondering if this installed automatically during the setup I went to the control panel and found no evidence for that. So looks like Microsoft has integrated the ic’s into the OS itself!

Looks like MS expecting big change in future on visualization an they have been ready for it with the launch of Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

Finally P2V tool from Microsoft

If you’re a person who is been using HYPER-V and wanted to test it in your test lab you’ll know converting one of your live machine to virtual machine is a great thing. All this time if you’re stick to Microsoft tools then you have to buy SCVMM to do this conversion part. (Price tag is high!)

Alternatively you have the option of buying third party tools but it may not in your favor list since if you’re doing testing. There are few free tools as well but it won’t do the job of converting the physical pc on the fly.

Finally one person at Microsoft (Mark Russinovich) has given a consideration for this and released a tool for that.

Tool itself has been name as Disk2vhd. You can download it from the web site which is part of Microsoft cooperation. Usage of this tool is very simple and once converted the vhd can be run on HYPER-V , virtual PC or attach to windows 7 or Windows 2008 as a HDD.