Windows7 RTM and upgrade options

Hope TechNet subscription people already enjoying the Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600) As a matter of fact I also rush into the new RTM version and choose Windows 7 Ultimate version 🙂 One good thing I found is Windows Easy Transfer (aka Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP) working smoothly as is. I had 20 GB data in my user profile and after the fresh installation of Windows 7 Easy Transfer managed to restore the data properly and even give nice indication what application I am missing and what application I’ve already configured. Pretty nifty I would say.

BTW due to lack of VGA card driver and trying to run several Graphic intensive applications first time I experience the Windows 7 BSOD woooot!!!! Now it’s over with the latest NVIDIA VGA card driver installation. Apart from that I found out this OS is stable and managed to handle whatever the apps I throw for it.

Now lots of threads talk about the complicated methods of upgrading path offered by Microsoft. While you go through that you’ll initially get the same feel but considering the new enhancements in the OS it would be acceptable for us to have the clean installation rather than upgrading. Luckily for the cooperate customers upgrade will be easy with the given tools by Microsoft Desktop team. More will come on that in another article. So sit tight and enjoy the new OS.

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