Moving to MS Exchange from Lotus Domino

Hi everyone just wanted to share these information with you all since most of our customers are interested on the benefits on moving to Exchange from Domino mail environment to Exchange. Even though this will be a cost factor initially long term the ROI really going to help them to streamline the business productivity. We found most of our customers are having hard time maintaining Domino environment as well as support wise. Never the less my point is to provide some insight of the changing wave from Domino to Exchange happening is not only Asian countries but it’s happening globally. Below you’ll find a good article about the deciosn taken by major companies to move to new platform,

“In our last fiscal year (July 2008-June 2009), more than 4.7 million people began the switch to Exchange and SharePoint from Notes”, Exchange marketing director Julia White posts on the Unified Communications blog.
Cost savings is the number one driver for migrations, according to the post. Another key driver for migrations is the launch of Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. If you’re considering the move to cloud-based services, Microsoft services offer plenty of choice for customers of all sizes. Julia notes that large Notes shops – including Coca-Cola Enterprises, GlaxoSmithKline, and Ingersoll Rand – are making the move from Notes to Exchange Online. Read more in Millions Switch To Exchange And SharePoint From Notes on the Unified Communications blog. (taken from

Microsoft has introduced the latest toolkit called freebusy connector to migrate Domino environment to Exchange. Recent toolkit even has the capability to migrate the Domino workflows to SharePoint as well. More information about the toolkit can be found here.

If anyone is interested on this you can PM me offline. I can provide more information since our company already carry out testing on this and found out the connector is working properly. What we are up to now is testing this on Exchange 2010environment 🙂

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