How to asses an existing infrastructure with Microsoft tools

Most of us visit customer sites to identify their existing infrastructure to help them better. In this process identifying their network and finding issues and providing recommendation will be vary according to each persons experience level and knowledge on product. We use various tools for that and some will rely on third party tools as well. So depend on the information they gather the solutions you provide for the customer will be vary.

As Microsoft point of view they always want to empower the partners and as well as the customers and let them use the Microsoft software efficiently. So this thread is all about one of the Microsoft key success tool known as MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning) sometimes this will be referred as MAPS as well.

The whole idea behind MAP is to give the partners and customers is to do basement of their existing network / infrastructure and identify the hardware software and decide if they are ready for the new software /technologies. This will give you a clear picture and help you to make correct decisions. Based on my experience this will be a key tool any filed engineer should have in his belt of tools to better serve the customer.

Think about a scenario when you go and recommend Microsoft products do you really know their environment before you do that suggestions? Do you really know their business process? Now days it’s all about how you try to map your solution with their business process. So this tool will empower you with that information and give the clear visibility of their existing infrastructure. Armed with that information and your experience the solution you offer for the customer will be effective one.

More information will be provided by Microsoft if you visit over here.

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