Windows 7 – Problem Step Recorder (PSR)

I have been using Windows 7 in a VMware PC and I’ve to agree this OS is really cool. I have only given 1 GB memory for that and the functionality wise this stable. I didn’t encounter any system crashes so far. Now looking around in the TechNet about further enhancement about this product I found a nifty tool integrated in Windows 7 called as PSR (Problem Step Recorder)

Basic idea behind this tool is allow user to do screen capturing of the problem they encounter and then send that to a technical person. Now this is a life saving feature for any technical person in order to provide support for a en user. Think about a helpdesk environment where end user and technical person spend endless time discussing about the error message. There are few key things helpdesk may fail to solve the problem properly to the end user,

1. End user cannot describe the problem properly since he is not very technical person.

2. Technical support person cannot recreate the problem in his side according to the information he is getting from the end user.

3. Problem can be a totally new one for both parties.

So using this screen capture tool end user will be able the capture the error he encountered and then send to technical person via e-mail or any other preferred method.

More information can be found over here.

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