‘Fix it” New approach to fix computer problems by Microsoft

Recently I notice a new icon appears in the Microsoft Support documentation. So what is interesting behind this fix it icon. Well let’s say that you know the problem what customer is facing and you’re pretty sure you can fix it in no time. Let’s say in order to fix that particular problem you have to do few mouse click and do some registry editing. Now doing this for one or 2 machine would be ok but think repeating this task for 30-40 computers or even more!!! well not a pleasant experience right ?

So what Microsoft has done is created a nifty script behind this icon to fix particular problem, and all you have to do is click it. (Though be careful to read the problem description and understand if that is the exact symptom you’re having in the PC you try to troubleshoot) I think this is very useful for most of the non technical people. If Microsoft adopt this for their Support documentation frequently end users will definitely going enjoy that. You can find a sample link to one of those Microsoft support document here.

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