SBS 2008 in the test run under my Lappie

After doing some several testing in my desktop I thought of giving a try to run the Small Business Server 2008 in my laptop. Found our favorite virtulization method won’t have a chance in my laptop since it only had 4 GB memory. SBS throw out a error saying memory is not enough when I allocated 2 GB for the VMWare vpc. (duh) So How came I came across the problem?

Well of course allocating one logical partion to the OS and transferring 80 GB of data to another location (pretty tuff job  waiting for the data transfer complete) Once completed I end up doing the dual booting with my Vista OS.

Installation ran smoothly and I didn’t see much difference at all and took around 20 minutes for the first phase. SBS didn’t;t detect my wireless Lan card and I was not surprised about it at all. Managed to install the Lan driver separately and hope to run around with SBS in my bag. Too bad SBS really sloooow in my Laptop even it has been a Centrino 2 technology.

Found out Lappies are not the best method unless if you have 7200RPM drives and 8 GB memory in your laptop. So SBS you’ll be in my desktop for sometime. Look forward to do a live migration in few weeks time and hope to share my experience in that soon.

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