VMware ESX Server 3i

It’s been a while away from the blog. Been busy with new products related to Symantec. Well as you may all know Symantec is company famous for anti virus software right?? well not at all, it is selling antivirals for home users and enterprise market but the company is armored with more than 35 products itself and continue t grow everyday by technology accusation’s. Anyway I went too far with Symantec products because now I’m working on those products.

So VMware back into my life with their latest edition for the enterprise market. VMWare ESX server. Now we all ma have used VMware workstation for and VMware server in our home pc’s for testing applications and operating systems. But VMware ESX is the big daddy of all of them and actually involve in server virtualization, resource management and cost savings…etc. This product is not depend n windows or Linux as a host OS but starting with it’s own OS! By doing so it make sure it’ll take minimum hardware resources from your actual serer and let the raw power to be distributed to the virtual PCs. Most of the enterprise data centers move to VMware ESX for numerous reasons and few are as follows,

1 Decreases power, cooling, floor space and infrastructure.
2 Simplifies disaster recovery and business continuity requirements.
3 Increases server utilization from the typical averages of 5-15% to 60-80%.
4 Faster deployment of information technology resources reduces time to market.
5 Lower operational costs associated with reduced resource management and administration.
6 Improves application performance by dynamically adapting storage and server resources to meet peek usage cycles. and much much more.
So I thought of sharing some VMware guru’s articles into this blog to make it more useful for everyone.




Happy Virtualization to all.