So I’m MCSA now

Well I’m so glad I made it. I’ve been out of the certification track after doing my Small Business Server exam in year 2006.
It relly took me 2 months time and my previous job experince really helped me in that. I still think SBS exam is really worth for the money. The product itself really cool and really look forward to post some information about it soon. One cool product I start to fall in love is Microsoft ISA server 2004/2006. I know Cisco rocks in everyones minds, but this is a cool product to give a serious thouhgts. Glad to Local IT security giving attention to that. Look forward to share some information with other peer members about this product.

So that’s my small roaring about the MCSA and look forward to get few more certificates under my belt and look foward to Windows 2008.

One thought on “So I’m MCSA now

  1. Dear Susantha,Sorry for the late wishes on your achievement in the recent. I was already knew that you did a exam but now i got what was about it. As you know i don’t have knowledge about Met working coz i’m in the Marketing field. However I wish all the best to achieve the highest point of your career.Best Regards,Lours lovingLakmali

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