Cannot clear ARP cache

I’ve been facing this matter numerous times. Couldn’t find the cause of it until today. This time problems occurs in windows 2003 server computer after installing RRAS (Routing and Remote Access Service) . As soon as I start the service server couldn’t access the internet and won’t allow new clients to join the network. Stopping the service allowed me to connect to the service but won’t allow to join new clients to the domain.
After quick Googling I found out this problem is common for all windows versions. Foud out various answers and most popular one is clearing the ARP cache through command line (netsh interface ip delete arpcache) Microsoft has been kind enough to offer the solution starting from ABC (
Just a another day in computer nightmare! Hope to see a ray of light tomorrow. Will post as soon as I come up with an answer.

How to survive in OS battle in year 2007

First of all wish everyone a Happy Ney Year! We’re on the era of expecting windows VISTA to come out and surprise windows fans. I’ve once reviewed the windows Vista and couldn’t find much interesting things to stick around it. I’m really disappointed to hear minimum/ recommended hardware requirement for the OS. You can run any Linux OS in very good condition in that kind of specs.(This is my personal blog so bare with my ideas…lol)
But things may change as usual. If we look into the Windows OS history most of us keep on moaning and blaming when they initially released their OS. I remember most of us blamed windows XP and told we’ll stick to to windows 2000 Professional no matter what. But it changed ultimately. Even though we moan about the windows Vista hardware requirement in the market we se hardware components exceeding Vista requirement and far more capability packed. But it’s the question is how far we want to go on purchasing hardware and software to do the same task we did years back. As always security and information theft is a the biggest risk in the current and present future. So software vendors have busy time looking after their product and keep on covering their products t minimize such attacks.
As a summary of the situation I see year 2007 will be interesting place for OS battle. With Microsoft windows Vista and their latest server product range their will be significant change from the fans for the Linux world. They will think twice before jumping to OS.