Is Ubuntu really play well than windows?

I’ve posted about the Ubuntu Linux distro in my earlier post. Since that I’ve been regularly using it as my main OS in my laptop. I’ve to admit everyday I’m loving it. I wonder why I didn’t make that move long time ago. Yeah you can argue saying windows support various software and easy to install but what the heck Linux got more software than windows. You’ll almost find a software to competitive to windows software. BTW Linux is not an operating system to a geek who wanna try all the latest software all the time but hey I got a answer for that too. Save the money to purchase VMware for Linux and install Windows virtually if you can’t lave M$. (I also need M$ due to my clients support ) So I keep it in my virtual environment in order to support clients. I’ll sharing some of distro pics in order to share my experience with Linux. Anyway I found downside also, for gamers Linux will be no no..pls go to windows. But I found simple games to enjoy.

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