Linux OS in a USB Flash Drive

Most of us now aware of the Bootable OS CD’s. For those who is new to this it’s just a CD that will load the whole operating system into teh memory without thouching your Hard disk. Most of the tiem the main OS will be Linux. For windows XP users who needs to peek into the Linux world, this si teh ideal soultion. They can feel the OS without installing it to their system. But now time has change bootable option has been step forward to USB flash drives! This is much more faster thanks to the USB 2.0 . This means it’s much more faster than loading from the CD. Otehr advantage is your CD-rom is free for you to use and you can recover data from your non bootable HDD and can write it to a writable CD. So without much introduction I’ll introduct to one of the link I found in a web search. (This site provide instructions to install various Linux flavours to USB drives. The instructions are easy to follow to a newbie.) If you’re still not sure to do this then go ahead and buy a USB flash drive preinstalled with Linux OS. Good option will be buying the following product,


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