Vmware player in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been searching forums and Googling about this one. I find various answerers to this. Some of them are very easy to follow just bring up the terminal window and type one command and it’ll do the rest!!(Eg : sudo apt-get install vmware-player)
I was really happy I don’t have to download any packages and go through lots of fiddling, unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I get and error message when I tried this option. So what case the problem? It’s just a simple matter of enabling the correct repositories. All you have to do is,

system–>software sources–>(select) software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse).

After that it will update the sources list with additional download locations. So that’s it. Go to the terminal windows (command prompt in windows language …lol) and type sudo apt-get install vmware-player.

If you like to install the Vmware-server in your Ubuntu system then visit the folowing link,


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