Using UBUNTU in my Laptop

In my previous post I’ve mention about the Ubuntu Linux. This is the most famous and easy to use Linux OS I’ve found. I decided to move to Linux instead of Windows in my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. To my surprise I found Linux Os if much more quicker in responding time than the Windows XP. I’m really happy about that speed gain up. My machine spec is Intel M1.6 GHz 512 MB Ram, 40 GB 5400RPM HDD,…oh and share memory for the Intel VGA card.

First start with Ubuntu Linux 6.05 version and found out they have released the 6.10 version on 26th October 2006. This one code name as Edgy Eft. Upgrade process too long time than the new installation but it has greatly improved the speed. I prefer o stick with Gnome desktop environment. It is less graphics and response is much quicker. But if you’re moving from Windows environment this will not make you unhappy.

Vmware player in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been searching forums and Googling about this one. I find various answerers to this. Some of them are very easy to follow just bring up the terminal window and type one command and it’ll do the rest!!(Eg : sudo apt-get install vmware-player)
I was really happy I don’t have to download any packages and go through lots of fiddling, unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I get and error message when I tried this option. So what case the problem? It’s just a simple matter of enabling the correct repositories. All you have to do is,

system–>software sources–>(select) software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse).

After that it will update the sources list with additional download locations. So that’s it. Go to the terminal windows (command prompt in windows language …lol) and type sudo apt-get install vmware-player.

If you like to install the Vmware-server in your Ubuntu system then visit the folowing link,

Welcome to Linux World

I’ve been always curious to try out new operating systems. Trying to move away from expensive software like Microsoft and move to the freedom world called Linux. I think I found the perfect Linux distro to that which is “Ubuntu” This is one of the user friendly Linux distro for beginners. In my understanding with Linux I will prefer this one most. At the moment of writing the latest version is 6.10 called “Edgy” . As many Linux distributions this one also allows you to test this OS in bootable CD. Ubuntu linux is having few flavors. Kubuntu which is default desktop is KDE. and Ubuntu is having Gnome. Even though you can try both in the same environment I found Gnome is much less resource hungry and works faster. I’ve been used to Windows environment and thought moving to Linux will be really difficult. We all have been habbit of GUI environment of Windows and really afraid to go away from clicking mouse buttons (Lol). Anyway Linux GUI has been improved vastly. It almost like you’re using windows environment and the great thing is applications are loading very faster. I hope the following links will provide you appearance of the Ubuntu linux and make a apatite to try them out. After all don’t be afraid to freedom!!

Screen shots

more screenshots