Some free utlities to make your life easier

1. Acrobat Alternative. (Loads very quickly) Download

2. Photoshop alternative ( to my knowledge) Download

3. Find your computer hardware information . Authors page

4. Did you whish for a proper windows temp files cleaner? This is it. Download

5. Good firelwall software (5 stars goes for this product from me) Download

Hope someone will find these untilties helpful in their day to day working life.

Walking through Windows Vista

Always wanted to get my hands into latest software and test them out. I was so anxious to get my hands into Vista and try it out. Heard they released teh RC1 23rd of September for public. Manged to download a small 2.3 GB iso file. (lol) At first I went through upgrading which took nearly 8 hours and ended up with BSOD!
Next armed with a another hard disk went through the installtion which took nearly 1.30 hours. My machine specs are (AMD XP 2500+, 1024 Ram and 120 GB 5400 RPM hard disk) Windows Vista gave me only 3.4 points out of 10 to my machine! (too bab) But all along it runs smoothly. I am quite happy with that performance but so far didn’t dig too much into the features even though I notice Microsoft had taken quite a step improving the visual effect rather than finxing the software problems (lol) I’ve attached few pics to show how it looks like. I couldn;t run my favourite programs like Alcohol120% CD emulating software and Nero. But manged to install the VM Ware workstation software in it.