Playing Diablo 2

Finally manged to finsihed the game after 3 days contiouns battle. I’ve to admit in the end of the game I used to registry editor other wise I’ll be playinh this for months. 2 years ago I plyead half of this game for 6 months but never saw the ending. Now it’s time to try this out in online mode!!
I’ve to admit I’m like to play computer games as a hobby. I whish I can upgade my AMD XP desktop in order to play better games but not doing so will also let me time to spend in my studies. Well I’m fooling my ownself!!!

SBS Specialist

Finally passed the Small Business Server Administration Exam. this one is really cool, because the product itself test your knowledge in Exchange, ISA and windows 2003 server itself. I’ve to admit passing the exam really doesn’t mean I’m a specialist in that product. Experience has to be count into that in order to wear that crown. But in the other hand I’ve got MCP to my credential list which is a good thing.