Configuring POP3 Connector in SBS 2003

Oki I’m back to my own space after a long time. Keep on pulling my hair to resolve a Small Business Server 2003 matter for the past few weeks. When you are a real idiot with less knowledge and trying to do a big task it is really painful hahahah! You’ll have to be in that position to feel that. Anyway my task is to configure an Exchange mail sever to receive mails from ISP and then send mails to outside world. Things will be easy if this is a new company and wanted to host their own e-mail server but in my scenario this company have already started and they have 200 branch offices!! Head office is also not hosting mail server but relying on ISP to do that one. So here I’m with a branch office screaming they want to keep their own mails in a server. Initially I didn’t have any idea how to configure this apart from the information I grab from the Internet but sometimes they are so confusing. Finally I managed to setup my own server computer and install SBS 2003 to it. Today I successfully completed the mail part and managed to send and receive e-mail to branch members.
Big thanks goes to the SBS development team making the taks wizard driven. It makes really easy to understand what we are doing. To me it’s all about configuring the POP3 connector to reterive the mails from the ISP gloabal accoutn and deliver it to the relavant user accounts. The task is completed after several mouse clicks.

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